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About Denielle

Hi everyone,
My name is Denielle Bernauer.
Your reading this site, because you are either attending
one of my training sessions, or you just want to know a little
more about me.
So I'll tell you....
Well I left school at the ripe old age of 14!
All I wanted to do is be a hairdresser. The salon that I worked
Friday nights and Saturday mornings for FINALLY offered
me an apprenticeship....I had been working for them for 18months...
I was overjoyed and started this on the 28/8/84.

After completing my apprenticeship on the 28/8/88,
I managed the Bateau Bay
salon for Mark and Peter Cordony. During this time, I
won many awards within the company
usually for my retail sales.

It was at this time that I also worked 1 day per week at Wyong
Tafe. I was there to teach the secretarial girls
the skills on face shape and styles that would be complementary to
them. We also did colour consultation etc so that these girls
when ready to go out into the work force had the
basic knowledge of what suited them and how to make
the best of their appearance.

Once I turned 19, and having had managed several Salons
I felt that I needed to extend my 
knowledge and experience within my Hairdressing 
Career and took the plunge to move to London.
I worked in 3 amazing salons whilst there, 
and spent almost 5 years with some
amazing stylists that taught me some wonderful skills.
It was in London that I found my passion for colour work and
quickly become known for my colour skills thus 
embarking on my beginning in the training field.

After 5 amazing years in London, I returned to Australia
and as a usual Hairdresser does work in a gazillion salons.....
it was during this time that I had decided
with my Tafe teaching skills I would
return to night Tafe and do as many courses to do with my industry
as I could do so that I may be able to either
teach again or have the skills to be able to train others.
This is where I added to my licence that of
Barbering and Also specializing in 
Long Hair and Upstyles...these courses took me a further
2 years one night every week.

After being home for 2 years I met and Married my Husband Terry.
I was working in a salon in Hornsby at the time,
and getting itchy feet decided to step aside
from my Hairdressing for a little while and I started designing
and importing homewares and Kabuki Homewares was born.
 I had begun to sell my homewares via a direct selling style (Party Plan)
and before I new it I had over 100 sales reps working for
me and selling my homewares in the same way.
It was also during this time that I did the set dressing
for a TV show "House Hunting & Lifestyle"
This was a great experience for me to work in the TV industry...
I spent almost 16 years in my Homewares and design business,
my main role within my own Company was design
and of course the secret to my success was my
training and motivation to these girls.
Many of them were mums returning to the work force,
who had little or no selling skills and with
my guidance these girls became selling machines!!
Over the course of the 16 years I successfully
trained in excess of 250 Ladies. Some went on to
own their own businesses, some went onto
other retail related jobs and 1 very successful girl
actually purchased the business from me.

I had been doing editing work for a magazine
"Inspire online" this is an online home decorating
magazing that also focuses on craft....

This lead me right back to where I wanted to be....
back in the hairdressing industry.
During my break from hairdressing, I still kept
my hand in...helping out friends in their salons,
doing the odd course...and of course couldn't help my self
and started to teach a Craft Class every Monday night.
We do all types of craft from paper to fabric,
this is keeping my design fetish alive as
well as feeding my teaching needs and 
also fulfills my craft habit.

I am enjoying every minute of my training,
I say its "Excellence In Retail" and it truly is.
Combined with my extensive knowledge
in the hairdressing industry coupled with my
training and retail skills which are derived from owning my
very own successful retail selling business. I have the ability
to teach others with the methods that I use.
 I teach in a way that the information is easily retained, applied and results are seen immediately so that 
it becomes habitual and a natural life skill.
Once you have mastered this skill it can be used in all aspects of 
your life. If this is a skill that you want to learn, then I will personally work with you until you understand the concept.

I hope that I have given you enough information about myself,
If there is anything else you need to know then you can contact me anytime

Kind thoughts to you all
And I really look forward to working with you
and your team!
Together we will make amazing things happen for your business.

"The more you depend on forces outside yourself,
the more you are dominated by them."
Harold Sherman

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