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"Excellence In Retail"

Training Packages.

What package would be best for my business I hear you ask yourself.
Well that determines the results that you are after. Each business is unique, therefor your training package will be tailored to suit not just your salon but the needs of your salon.
Factors that will be taken into account are:-
  1. Staff Numbers
  2. Salon Needs
  3. Salon Wants
  4. Desired Result
  5. Previous Training
There are many different sessions that Denielle can run for your business. They all vary in time and in structure. This again will be tailored to suit your salon and staff's needs.

Pricing:- Each session is tailored to suit individual salons. So with this in mind, pricing will be set after Denielle has completed a preliminary evaluation for your salon. Denielle will discuss all of the relevant details with you. Your preliminary evaluation is totally obligation free, this is the chance for you and Denielle to determine if your business is in need of help and Denielle's training.

Booking a Session:- It is advisable to book your session/s in with Denielle as soon as possible as dates and times are limited. (Once a session has been booked then a 50% deposit must be paid. Session times and dates can be re scheduled up to 21 days prior to the scheduled time. If a booking is changed or cancelled after this date there may be a penalty fee. The balance of the session must be paid no later than 48 hours proir to the session starting.)

Introduction To Successful Retailing

This is the 1st of Denielle's training sessions and MUST be done before we go any further. Did you know, that 98% of People have their hair done in a professional salon, yet 90% of people, buy their hair care from a supermarket!! This is a disgrace, the only way to change these figures is education!

This session is the foundation key for ALL of my training sessions.
We cover some major strategies on
  • Professional Successful Retailing.
  • Customer Service
  • Staff Attitude
  • Why Retail?
  • Team Playing
The session times depend on Staff numbers and salon size. Typically the session will run for around 3 - 4 hours.
Models will be required.
This session is better run during the day if at all possible.
Follow up to this session will be done by Denielle 1 week post training. This will be arranged with the Salon Owner / Manager.
Extra follow up sessions will be arranged if Necessary.

This session includes a Mystery Client Visit + Comprehensive Evaluation, valued at a min of $300. 

Retention Is The Key To Success

This is a fantastic session to do to revise on the key points that were learnt in the "Introduction To Successful Retailing" session as well as learn some new skills. Retention plays such a valuable role in the successful running of your business, you work so hard to get those clients in the door, your staff need to learn how to retain those clients for you. STOP the one time wonders and keep the clientele you worked so hard to get in the door in the 1st place.

This is also a 3 - 4 hour session. There are no models required for this session. All staff would be required to attend this session including receptionists. This is the back bone to your business and Denielle will help you to understand the concepts of retention in order to sustain longevity and success in your salon.

This session includes a Mystery Client Visit + Comprehensive Evaluation, valued at a min of $300. 

Motivation, Captivation, Inspiration, Growth

Motivation without it we do not find success. Captivation without this we loose our audience which are our clients. Inspiration is a vital part of our everyday being to keep the excitement in what we do and what we are passionate about. Without the last 3 we probably will not see Growth....this is what all businesses need to survive, without growth your business will FAIL!!
This session is an integral part of the structure of a healthy work place. Again, we recap on the last 2 sessions and we learn some finer skills for future growth of our businesses. Skill alone from your staff will not ensure that you have a successful business. To train your staff on these KEY issues then you will have an amazing team that will be efficient not only on a skill based level but a keen sense of business know how and the most important thing Customer Service. We touch on some pretty major issues with this session that are vitally important to the sustainability of your business and the staff within it.
This session also runs for approx 3 1/2 hours. No models will be required for this session.

This session includes a Mystery Client Visit + Comprehensive Evaluation, valued at a min of $300. 

Denielle Bernauer
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