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Mystery Client

  • Are you confident that your business is being run the way you expect when you are not around?

  • Are you confident that your staff members are doing 100% on customer service 100% of the time?

  • Are the figures as they should be on the days that you are not in the salon?

Well if you answered no to any of these questions, you and your business need help. Denielle offers a "Mystery Client" Service. This is invaluable to your salon. Denielle will book into your salon for a non chemical service and observe and listen to all that is going on around her. It is advisable that Denielle attends your salon on a day that you will not be there.

You as the salon owner, will allocate a budget for Denielle to spend. With this money she will pay for her hair service + purchase retail if offered to her whether it is correct or not. This stock will be returned to you un-opened and any of the budget that was not spent will be returned to you also.The salon service will be complementary to Denielle and she will decline any chemical service offered on that day. All that is offered will be duly noted.

After visiting your salon, a fully comprehensive report will be written and an appointment will be made with you the owner and or your salon manager to go through Denielle's findings and recommendations. Often there will be minor adjustments and minor procedures that are costing your business in a negative way that can be easily rectified. Denielle's report covers a wide range of aspects to your business with reporting and comments to each point covered. Covering more than 50 areas, a fully comprehensive report will be yours to keep including an overall percentage statistical view for your salon and its staff.

For more information on the costs of this service and Denielle's availability please don't hesitate to contact her.

Denielle Bernauer
PO BOX 3556 ,Erina
NSW 2250
0408 704019

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